Women’s Spiritual Healing Retreat

Healing the soul begins when we are safe, supported and trust in the process. Joining hearts together with sisters in an intimate retreat setting can open up doorways to healing where once there were only walls. We are strong together sister, contact Robyn to learn about upcoming Women’s Spiritual Healing Retreats in the Sea to Sky Corridor.



Home Cleaning Workshop

Imagine that you could easily create the home cleaning essentials that you use everyday
using just a few ingredients. These recipes are non-toxic yet work as powerful natural cleaners. So easy and safe the kids can help make following batches!

In this workshop you will learn how to make a Hard Surface Scrub good for cleaning tubs, tiles, counter tops etc as well as Dishwasher Tablets . We will also craft a scented All Purpose Spray using essential oils that inspire the good vibrations of holiday season!



You are a gift, in fact you are the reason this company exists! You, wonderful you, inspire us to create informative and interactive workshops all centred on YOU. How can we help you create happier, healthier more abundant experiences?

As Inagreenment With Nature grows we look forward to growing with you!