Today marks the day of The Howard Family entering Squamishs Waldorf community. I am so grateful for the opportunity to immerse my family into a holistic way of teaching, learning, living and loving.

Our big little guy (6 yrs old ‘R’) embarked on a journey of exploration this morning. The kindergarten class begins with free play in the forest every morning and flows into circle time where the teacher, Ms.Kris, tells them a story. R had completed one year of kindergarten at a public school but was labeled as a ‘bad’ kid because of his extreme amount of energy and desire for attention.

This labelling did not sit well with us so we decided to take drastic action. Waldorf is a financial investment but our hearts/souls tell us that this is the healthy choice not only for R but for our entire family.

The school was founded by Rudolf Steiner and his philosophy of learning is called Anthroposophy.

anthroposophy |ˌanTHrəˈpäsəfē| noun
a formal educational, therapeutic, and creative system established by Rudolf Steiner, seeking to use mainly natural means to optimize physical and mental health and well-being.


anthroposophical |-pəˈsäfikəl | adjective

ORIGIN early 20th cent.: from anthropo- + Greek sophia ‘wisdom.’

As we learn more and integrate into the schools community I will share more. Our experience with public school systems has been lack luster and though they have good intentions I feel that it is paving a road to hell by means of categorizing and classifying young minds before they (and we) have a chance to discover who they are.

Today I picked him up from his first day in Waldorf kindergarten (Huckleberry Kindergarten!) He was beaming, content and playing with his classmates on the large wooden jungle gym in the schools yard. Other parents I had the opportunity to meet were open, smiling and communicated a loving warmth while sharing space with us. No pretence. Just presence.

Sometimes it’s what you bring to the table as well that reflects back in my understanding of life.

Today marks a shift in our lifestyle and we are ready to contribute 110% to co-creating a healthy happy future in this present moment!

+ Mama Robyn

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